VTLAB: Research Medical Watch

We provide continuous raw signals for full analysis!
We could customize VTLAB based on your need. Add or Remove More Sensors!


This is VTLAB

The VTLAB is a healthcare smartwatch which is monitoring body function and collecting information at the same time such as :

  • Blood pressure

  • Oxygen Saturation (SPO2)

  • Skin temperature

  • Respiratory rate

  • Heart rate

  • ECG (3 channels ECG signal)

  • PPG (3 different wavelengths RED, IR, and Green)

  • Step counter

  • Sleep analyzer

  • Fall detection

Researchers could use VTLAB and their own algorithm to develop and detect different disease such as Blood pressure, Respiratory rates, Fall detection, Sleep analyser, Stress detection, Sleep Apnea, irregular heart beat detection and more.



Save Money

  • No poking around with multiple devices.

    one portable measurement device: VTLAB.

Save Time

  • One VTLAB for multiple devices collects ECG, PPG, etc.

Real Time

  • All signals are synchronized.

  • Convenient analysis for everyone.






VTLAB is a wearable development kit that is a low-cost alternative to current lab sensors and is just as accurate. VTLAB is a small, low-power device packed with sensors to measure vitals with an easy to use design. Bluetooth capabilities, Arduino compatibility and a library of tested codes makes using your board easy, even right out of the box. 

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